Terms of use and consent to the use of digital services in social and health care

Maisa is a digital patient and client portal that is used in several social care and health care services. Maisa allows you to access your social and health care records regarding the services you are using as a patient or client. In addition, it enables secure messaging with social care and health care professionals on non-urgent matters. In Maisa, you can also update your phone number and email address. Your address, in turn, will be automatically updated from the Finnish Population Information System.

NOTE! The phone number and email address you enter in Maisa are automatically updated in the registers of all social care and health care units whose client or patient you are. The phone number and email address entered in Maisa will automatically replace any old phone number or email address in the system. If you want your phone number or email address entered in only one register, please contact your service provider.

Maisa is a client and patient portal that brings together records stored in various social care and health care registers.

By accepting these terms of use, I confirm that I understand and agree to comply with the terms of use of the service.

  • I understand that if immediate help is needed, I must call the emergency services number 112.
  • I understand that information I provide through Maisa may be entered in my health care and/or social care records and as such will be subject to laws and regulations that apply to client and patient records.
  • I understand that my right to use the Maisa system can be withdrawn if I abuse that right. Examples of such abuses are intimidating and otherwise inappropriate behaviour, repeated unnecessary bookings of appointments, and sending offensive or illegal material.
  • I understand that Maisa may sometimes be out of service, for example due to maintenance, technical failures or similar causes.

Consent to the use of electronic services in social care and health care

By accepting these terms of use, I provide consent for my social care and health care-related matters to be handled via digital services by social care and health care professionals. I understand that use of the Maisa service is voluntary, and that I can withdraw my consent at any time. This can be done through the Maisa portal or by written notice.

Notification of use of data from the shared patient information register of the hospital district

A high standard of care requires that the staff who care for you have access to all the information they need about your health and the examinations and procedures that have been carried out on you.

The shared patient information register consists of the patient information registers of all the municipal health care registrars within the Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa (HUS) area.

This text is a notification of use of the shared register. From now on, your patient information will be available within the shared register for use between different registrars or units, and you will not be required to give separate consent.

Patient information can only be used by health care professionals who are providing care for you and only to the extent that your treatment requires. The use and disclosure of patient data is monitored by health care units.

You have the right to prohibit joint use of your patient data. This means that you have the right to prohibit your patient data from being shared between different units within the hospital district. This prohibition can be put in place in the My Kanta Pages digital service or by written notice to any unit within the hospital district. The prohibition is valid until further notice, and can be revoked at any time.

However, you cannot prohibit the use of your patient information if it is being used for the purposes of providing care within the same unit.