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To see and do

There are many sights, outdoor routes and activities in the Pori region. Wheter you are traveling with your family, by yourself or with a small group or a big one you can find many interesting alternatives.
You can limit your search based on an area (eg. Pori) and your intrests (eg. Nature)


The northernmost district of Pori, Ahlainen, is an enchanting combination of nature, sea, attractive buildings and lively village life. The village of Ahlainen is nationally recognised for its cultural significance due to its skilfully constructed wooden houses and traditional picket fences.


Ahlainen Church

The maritime village of Ahlainen and its main street are well worth a visit. One of the things to see here is the pretty wooden church that dates from 1796. It is the oldest church in the Pori region.


Bird-Watching Towers in and around Pori

There are valuable water bird habitats in the Pori region.



Cruises with M/S Charlotta and Ms Hilpee on the fabulous Kokemäenjoki River, "the Finnish Amazon. Charter and public cruises.


Galleria Liisa Ekqvist

The gallery puts on shows of art and craft history, as well as contemporary art exhibitions. Based in Noormarkku, the gallery also hosts an art rental agency and a café open by appointment in summer.


Guest harbour Marina Merilokki

Marina Merilokki is a weather shore Marina on the by the coast of Selkämeri. Marina Merilokki has 60 berths, of which 30 are provided with electricity and water. Tel. +358 2 6384 046


Hiking Trails in Pori

There is a continuous network of hiking trails in the Pori region. Totalling 360 kilometres, the route has fabulous dinner, sauna and accommodation options.


Historic Southern Shore of Pori

The districts of Eteläranta and Kivi-Pori are two of the most historically valuable areas of Pori. The stone buildings on the riverside, mainly in the Neo-Renaissance style, form a stunning complex built after the 1852 fire of Pori.


Juselius Mausoleum

The honorary mining counsellor F.A. Juselius had the mausoleum built in 1902 in memory of his daughter Sigrid, who died at the age of 11. The original murals by Akseli Gallén-Kallela were destroyed, but the current ones were made by the artist Jorma Gallén-Kallela based on his father’s sketches.

Keski-Pori Church

The pretty Neo-Gothic church of Keski-Pori is in a beautiful setting on the shore of the river Kokemäenjoki. Known for its unusual cast-iron tower, the church was inaugurated in 1863.


Kirjurinluoto Arena Concert Venue

The unique Kirjurinluoto Arena has played host to many unforgettable concerts and events. It is located within walking distance of the city centre, by the river Kokemäenjoki.

Kirjurinluoto Family Destination

Kirjurinluoto is an oasis in the centre of Pori and a great family destination. There is plenty to do, see and experience for visitors of all ages, including a beach, an open-air concert venue, animals, flowerbeds, an amphitheatre and a kids’ playground.


Korsman House: Living Conditions in the 1950s

Korman House has been decorated to portray the home of a fictional family with two children, the Korsmans, in 1951. Korsman House has been designed as atmospheric time travel to peek at a Pori childhood home of modern-day children’s grandparents.All the items can be touched and examined.


Lido / Open-Air Swimming Pool

The open-air pool has been popular among swimmers in Pori since it was built in 1957. Built to conform to the terrain, the lido has a full-scale diving tower, a water slide and three pools.


Maritime Mäntyluoto

The idyllic Mäntyluoto beckons! The wooden houses of this district exude the spirit of the early twentieth century, bathed in the salty air of the harbour. The cliffs of Kallo are perfect for admiring the breakers.


Merimesta Fish Service Centre and Restaurant

Merimesta is the jewel of the traditional fishing port of Reposaari.


Natural Heritage Centre Arkki

The Natural Heritage Centre Arkki has a fine representation of the wetland environment characteristic of Satakunta. Watch, listen and enjoy! In addition to its permanent collection, the centre hosts temporary exhibitions and other activities. Jump into nature in the middle of town!


Nature Activities

Discover fun and relaxed ways to enjoy nature in the Pori region. Experiences by the sea, fun sporting activities, relaxing forest experiences and soothing spa treatments. The pure Finnish nature welcomes you!

Noormarkku Church

Beautiful, atmospheric stone church alongside the Pori-Jyväskylä road.


Orthodox Church of Pori

The Orthodox Church of Pori is in the district of Käppärä. The highlights of the church are its exterior architecture and the iconostasis inside.


Pori Art Museum

Pori Art Museum is famous for its exhibitions of international contemporary art. It was founded in 1981 around Professor Maire Gullichsen’s art collection. The museum hosts large collections and archives of modern and contemporary art. Educational Services help clients of all ages to find new perspectives on art and visual culture.


Pori National Urban Park

Pori National Urban Park area forms a continuous green and blue structure within the city. Without leaving the park you can journey from the Kokemäenjoki river delta, known for its birdlife, through the heart of the city to the Isomäki recreation area and to the countryside surrounding the city.


Pori Theatre Building

Pori is considered as the home of Finnish-language theatre as the Finnish National Theatre gave its first audition in Pori at the Hotel Otava in 1872. Theatre is located in a 1884 completed Renaissance Revival style building which was designed by Swedish architect Johan Erik Stenberg. Its interior is one of the most prestigious in Finland. - Wikipedia


Pori Town Hall and Town Hall Park

Perhaps the most valuable building in Pori is the old Town Hall, designed by the architect C.L. Engel in 1831.


Poriginal Galleria

The Poriginal gallery is a first-rate exhibition venue on a great site in historic Kivi-Pori.


Pori’s Venetian-Style City Hall

The City Hall is one of the most precious buildings in Pori’s architectural heritage. The three-storey Venetian Renaissance-style palace is also known as the Junnelius Palace.


Renovation Centre Toivo

The Toivo Renovation Centre in the fifth district assists owners of old houses in carrying out renovations in keeping with traditional structures and characters.


Reposaari - by the open sea

Reposaari is a unique wooden house district at the seaside. The area is known, among other things, for its interesting ballast plant occurrences.


Reposaari Church

The Norwegian-style church of Reposaari was built in 1876. It is hexagonal in shape. The church is popular – even the current president of Finland was married there in 2009.


Rosenlew Museum

The museum in Aittaluoto displays the history, activity and products of the Rosenlew family company, which operated in Pori between 1853 and 1987.


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