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The architecturally intriguing shopping centre located on central of Pori, at the end of the pedestrian street, in the house is more than 20 businesses.


This shopping centre in central Pori, along the pedestrian street, houses several shops specialising in fashion and services.

Market Hall

Just renewed market hall, which has been in operation at the market square at the heart of town for over 80 years, exudes an old-world charm. There are around 16 stalls from varied businesses.

Market Square

The lively marketplace at the heart of Pori offers fruit, vegetables, fish, bread and flowers direct from the producers.


Over a 100 stores, 2000 parking spaces and eight restaurants make for the biggest shopping center in the Satakunta region. The brick walls tell the history of the place since it used to be a cotton factory, intresting mixture of historical and modern.
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