Luvia is a historic shipping district that has retained a charming rural character. Life here is as brisk and fresh as the sea wind.

Experience the Seaside Nature

The sea offers activities in summer and winter alike. Enjoy the soft rippling of the water on a clear summer’s day or foam-capped waves on a windy day at Laitakari. The beach is open for a refreshing swim in the summer or through the ice in winter – naturally with a sauna for warming yourself up afterwards.


The local delicacies – freshly caught fish – come from the sea. You can catch them yourself or buy them at the market on Thursdays and summer Saturdays. The archipelago off the coast of Luvia provides a comprehensive view of the island nature of Satakunta. There are more than 300 islands and islets in the area.

Luvia’s Beautiful Dream

An exciting scheme is being fulfilled in Luvia. A galleass named Ihana is built at Laitakari observing old shipbuilding practices. Luvia’s centuries-old shipbuilding traditions are still flourishing and there are plenty of master builders and boat-makers who know how to create a ship’s bows, how to plank the sides and how to choose the mast timber. The launching of the galleass was celebrated in July 2010, and the galleass virgin voyage was in 2011. Come and witness living shipbuilding traditions with your own eyes!

Culture and Pastoral Idylls

Along the beautifully maintained high street of the town of Luvia, you will also see a handsome 100-year-old sandstone church and one of the most modern libraries in rural Finland.Luvia is lively at any time of year.In winter, visit to enjoy a high-quality musical or some of the games of the nationally and internationally successful Luvian Kiekko -82 ringette team.In summer, have fun at the open-air theatre, open-air dancing and many other fun events.The best way to learn about Luvia is by hiring a guide.